DEMF 2002

May 25th-27th, 2002

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May 25th:
John Tejada at the underground stage. 
Paul Johnson. 
Paul Johnson and the crowd.  
DJ at the Urban Takeover party 
Same DJ 
Marea, ? and Kurt 
Boo Williams 
Boo Williams again 
A Dj from one of the booths 
View of the crowd from the tower. 
Chaos again 
And again 
Graffiti piece(SIE). 
Two other graffiti pieces 
A Grafitti Artist working on a wall 
?, ? and Space 
Ethan Kline 
? and Amanda 
Street performer 
George Clinton and P-funk 
First DJ at the hotel party 
The Lady Foursqare 
The hotel party 
Paul Johnson at the hotel party 
Paul again 
Amanda and Thompson 
Paul again
The main stage 
Kyeung, Amanda and I 
Kyeung, Amanda and JJ