Bowling Green, Kentucky, May 5th, 2001

Lineup:Stacey Kidd, Terrence Parker, Scott Payne, Obeah, Deep House Souldiers.

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The Venue The venue again, from the top of the hill. Obeah and his MC. Obeah again. Obeah up close. The crowd early on, looks like they're waiting for aliens to take them away. The ampitheater from the bottom of the hill up. Scott Payne. Scott Payne again. Scott Payne smilin' for the camera. Dancing in the gravel. Another person dancing. Another dancer. And another... Ravergeek and Annie. Terrence Parker. Terrence Parker. Terrence Parker using a telephone as headphones. The crowd during Terrence Parker's set. Terrence Parker and Stacey Kidd More dancing. Stacey Kidd and Scott Payne Terrence Parker again. Stacey Kidd. Stacey Kidd again. Deep House Souldiers. Deep House Souldiers again. The lights above the stage