Earth Inverse

Lexington, KY, February 16th, 2001

Lineup: Kevin Yost, Traxx, Twilight Sleep, Matt Syntax, Kell, Dj Tsar

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Finishing setting up...

Rutlidge in my viking helmet.

Twilight Sleep doing a soundcheck.

Twilight Sleep again.

Kell and Misha (DJ Tsar).

Brian (DJ Troll).

A Breakdancer.

Kell spinning with Matt Bandy in the background.

A breakdancer doing a handstand.

Another breakdancer.

Misha (DJ Tsar) spinning.

Emmett of Twilight Sleep.

Chad, aka Stevie T, mwraves whore.

Kevin Yost.

Kevin Yost again.

Stephen dancin.

Dora and Maria.

Jason from Scarab.

Jonathan dancin.

Barry dancing.