La Salle, Wisconsin, Aug. 31st-Sept. 3rd, 2001

Casper Basek. The Burning Man Amanda, Jon Gotti's ass, and a flashlight... DJs at one of the renegade systems. The Addict records tent Emil and Whendee and a manequinn head. Emil in depends, Arno in his leisure suit, and ? drinkin the Beast Inga gets ready to ambush ?Passmore? Tents, the main stage, and corn... Inside the addict tent during the generator outage. Someone gives the Depends a ride.../a> Another renegade system. Jes in the chickenhat. Roastin' weenies... Jeff and Unibomber Kevin Heather(MissIdaHO) sports her new tie. The embers of the big fire. A Dj in one of the Renegade tents. The Moon Someone dancing on top of a van. A Dj in the main tent. Doris drinks some Campara. Jes after drinking the Campara Jes and Derek being cute. Derek and Danny take over the main stage. Jes and Derek in an inflatable chair Mandy and Jes dance to Danny and Derek's set Danny and Atomly get funky. Arno dancing... Derek fucks the speaker Amanda and Radek Another DJ at a renegade system Matt Massive and a grashopper Preparing for the 'raver rodeo' Duct tape, a chair, and a K-tard Taping the k-tard to the tree. "He said it was bunk"... Dylan spinning. Dylan wrestling. Bill strikes a pose. Ravers are messy... Someone tries to wake up people in their tent... Emil plays fruit baseball Amanda plays fruit baseball A dog attacking a stuffed smurf Me playing fruit baseball Me playing fruit baseball again Amanda, Doug, Emil, and ? after fruit baseball.