Lexington, KY, February 2nd, 2001

Lineup: Spree, Valerie Sparks, Muppetfucker, Cloudskipper, Matt Positive, Entropy, Eor, Tilzs, Resistor, MC ADB

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DJ Eor
The Stage
Jared and Elena
Chad and Stephen.
A guy twirling some microlights.
Jonathan, this guy was a dancin fool.
Beek, Matt and PJ.
Matt Positive and Ryan
Hangin out in the bathroom.
Another bathroom pic.
And another...
A party kid chewing on a binkie.
Muppetfucker and Cloudskipper.
Alex and Annie
MC ADB on stage.
Back in the bathroom.
DJ Entropy
*Josh, Alex, Brad, Megan, Annie, and Chicken

*Photo courtesy of Joshius Maximus from Cincy(I think...)