Lite Brite

Dayton, Ohio, December 22nd, 2001

Green Tara Shaggy Love. Infinite Grey. DJ Kaiten. Infinite Grey again. Kwest-on DJ Nimby Me and Squeaks. DJ Tanner DJ Tanner again. Dream. The Ravergeek meetup big photo. The Ravergeek meetup big photo #2 Me and Corey Zena, Kate and Penguin D8a, Kate and Lou Lights and glowsticks on strings. Spree Spree again. Alex with a penguin mask on. Darren, Steve E., ?, ?, DJ Kaiten, and Sparkles. Zach and Ben. ?? and Tiffikat. Unknown DJ Jade and Shaggy. Shaggy and Joey. Zach, Kelly, Turtle, Erin and Jeff. DJ Spree Dean, Berzerker and ?. D8a D8a again. D8a and the crowd Tiffikat and Maya Ariel Johnny P and Kitchen Sync PK, Hollyn, Beek and Starshyne Johnny P and Kitchen Sync Ariel again Dj Sugar A bunch of kids in the bathroom.