Miscellaneous Pictures

Pics from my trip to Chicago:
Yen, Atomly, and Eye-D, mw-thuggin it...
Watertower in Chicago
The Sears Tower
Statues near Grant Park
The Fountain that was in the Married with Children intro...
Trees in Grant Park
The Skyline behind the fountain.
A 'tunnel of trees' in Grant Park
The Observatory/Planetarium
Navy Pier, I think
The sun behind some trees
Tyrannesaurus Rex Skeleton at the Fields Museum.
A painting of a tree at the end of an alley.
Pic of my car accident:
My car after hitting a deer...
Pics from a house party at Grant's place:
Amanda giving Amy a spanking...
People out in the hallway.
John and Amanda.
Lauryn with the chickenhat, just about to pass out...
More random pics:
A Sunset picture from my porch
Another Sunset picture from my porch