Original Flavor(aka the Ravetrash BBQ)

Granville, Ohio, August 10th, 2002

J-Lord and Adubbz hangin' out tha window. D/Monix(PK) D/Monix(PK) again Daniel Hitchcock. Jessie B Fire...heheh Unknown DJ. Jikan. Oompa Loompa Sunshine and Zen. Ravetrash Graffiti. WWF action with Tease. Stylie shows her war wounds... Grimus, Slinky and Jessica. Chinobehme and Stylie. Dez on the decks. Headstrong. DJ Dala. Headstrong again. Jessi C and the kiddie pool condom. More WWF action... ??, ?? and ??. Lo-Cal, Ariel, MC Kwest-on and Mike G. Pookie, Doc and Zena. Megan and Doc. Alyssa and Blinky. Amy, Laura and Micah. DJ Phillip Drummond. Brittney, Twitch Jessi C and Oompa Loompa. Meaghan and Mike G. A bunch of ravetrashers. Kate goes swimming. React. DJ Confuse. A bunch of trashers around the fire. React again. Rob and Annabelle. Nero X. Gabe represnts the trash... Arissa is ready to go swimming, too. Jay and Molly. Ariel. Laurie and Lil Matt. Data. Meaghan dancing. Meaghan breakdancing. Christopher Owens. Holy D uses someone as a pony... ?? and ??. Stylie, Tonya, John(doc), Roger(lo-cal) and J-Lord. D8a. Vera Blue. Emily and me. Me and Amy. Me and J-Lord. Dez, Shadow and ??. Gabe, Meaghan and Kaz at the front door. Tease. Catnap. ??, ??, Kate and Miah. Welcome Trash sign. Shave Simon sign. Laurie, Zarah, Mike, Nick, Brad and Travis. Stealth on tha roof. Miah and Kate.