These were taken with a cheap-ass disposable camera with no flash, so you'll have to excuse the quality on some.

The main stage from afar
--taken just as the music was starting and everyone was setting up camp.
Lots of tents
--back in the woods, to the right of the barn and portopots was the third stage.
More tents
--you can kinda see the screen where they were projecting some cool laser stuff.
Stage #4
--the lovethang crew spinning in the dome tent (bob sfero is on the right).
The main stage again
--and people are even dancing...
Up Close at stage 1
--Derek Carter is under the tent somewhere spinning...
People boogie'n in the mud
--early morning dancin'
Derek Carter
--You can almost make out his face here, can't miss the yellow hair.
More people dancing
--But can you guess which person in the background is me?
Its the main stage again
--complete with tents, cars, and people.