Positive 3

Dayton, Ohio, March 3rd, 2001

Click on the link for the full sized view.  I'm horrible with names, 
so if I forgot yours, let me know and I'll update the page with your name next to your picture.

Infinite Grey 
DJ Oracle and Satoshi 
Walt giving a unique light show. 
Setting up the main room. 
Pixie, Katt, Ricci, and Dennis sitting on the balcony. 
John Mack. 
Satoshi spinning. 
A breakdancer during satoshi's set. 
Breakdancer in motion. 
Satoshi again. 
Jay and Amy. 
Guy twirling glowsticks on strings... 
A couple of girls in the bathroom. 
Me and Tiffikatt in the bathroom. 
Dave London spinning. 
Dave London again. 
The lights from the main stage. 

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