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NEW!!! Don't Panic, May 5th, 2007, Cincinnati, OH
NEW!!! Sexy Time, April 21st, 2007, Oxford, OH
DEMF 2006, Memorial Day Weekend, 2006, Detroit, MI
Hellhouse 2, October 29th, 2005, Louisville, KY
Scribblejam 2004, August 12-15, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Featherwate event--IZ, February 29th, Dayton, Ohio.
For the Ladies, February 14th, 2004, Columbus, Ohio.
Penetrate, November 21st, 2003, Columbus, Ohio.
Fluid, October 30th, 2003, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Field Day 2, August 15th-16th, 2003, Northeast Ohio.
Scribble Jam 2003, August 7th-10th, 2003, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Jack the House, August 1st, 2003, Louisville, Kentucky.
Fluid, June 19th 2003, Cincinnati, Ohio
Hempfest, June 7th, 2003, Columbus Ohio
Fawqkin Techno 4, May 10th 2003, Dayton, Ohio
E.M.E.C.A Meeting at Devou Park, May 2003, Newport, Kentucky
The Show--April 5th, 2003, Cincinnati, Ohio
Static 2.0--March 28, 2003, Lexington, Kentucky
Fluid--February 13th, 2003, Cincinnati, Ohio
Wishing on a Star 3--February 1st, 2003, Dayton, Ohio
Nuevo 2:Restoration--December 31st, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Exhibit A--December 27th, 2002, Oxford, Ohio
Winter Wonderland 2--December 7th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Rock the Bells 2--November 30th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Basted--November 28th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Brains--October 26th 2002, Indianapolis, Indiana
Groove--October 25th, 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wasted--October 18th, 2002, Oxford, Ohio
Fluid--October 3rd, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Anamnesis--September 28th, 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Spundaze--September 22nd, 2002, Oxford, Ohio
Holy Smokes--September 7th, 2002, Greenville, Ohio
Step to the Music 2--September 6th, 2002, Oxford, Ohio
Sonic Terror--August 24th, 2002, Newport, Kentucky
Fluid--August 15th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Original Flavor--August 10th, 2002, Granville, Ohio
Fluid--August 8th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Field Day--August 3rd-4th, 2002, Brimfield, Ohio
Smashed 3--August 1st, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Vibe With Beats--July 27th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
The Final Dance--July 12th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Fluid--July 11th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Bumpin and Jumpin 2--June 29th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Tom Sawyers Houseparty #4--June 28th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gravitybass--June 25th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Showing the Love--June 14-16th, 2002, Central Ohio
Phreaky Deaky 2--June 1st, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Kitty Cuteness--Pictures of my cats...
DEMF 2002--May 25th-27th, 2002, Detroit, Michigan
Kandiland--May 11th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Wishing on a Star 2--April 4th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Higher 2--April 13th, 2002, Lexington, Kentucky
Mystic Motion 2--April 12th, 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attack of the Big Mean Furry--April 5th, 2002, Louisville, Kentucky
Refuse and Resist 2--March 30th, 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Foundation--March 22nd, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gravitybass--March 19th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Positive 4--March 16th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Level One--March 9th, 2002, Dayton, Ohio
Gravitybass--February 19th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
The Pajama Jam--February 16th, 2002, Lexington, Kentucky
Miscellaneous Pictures.
Frisky--February 5th, 2002, Columbus, Ohio
Century 3--February 1st, 2002, Louisville, Kentucky
Gravitybass--January 29th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Adrenaline--January 19th, 2002, Columbus, Ohio
Gravitybass--January 8th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio
Rezillusion--December 31st, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lite Brite--December 22nd, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Rock the Bells--December 15th, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Bounce--December 7th, 2001, Lexington, Kentucky
Darkside 9--November 30th, 2001, Columbus, Ohio
True Masters 3--November 21st, 2001, Detroit Michigan
Malfunction 3--November 17th, 2001, Columbus, Ohio
Jungle Lounge--November 14th, 2001, Cleveland, Ohio
Ballz Deep--November 13th, 2001, Kent, Ohio
Gravitybass--October 30th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Wicked!--October 27th, 2001, Cincinnati Ohio
Samhain--October 20th, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Sean O'Meara's 21st B'day Party--October 19th, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Gravitybass--October 9th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Free--September 28th-30th, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Gravitybass--September 25th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gravitybass--September 18th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Electromass vol. 1--September 15th, 2001, Dry Ridge, Kentucky
Floorplan 06--September 8th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Furthur--August 31st-September 3rd, 2001, La Salle, Wisconsin
Lift(Caffeine Tour)--August 16th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gravitybass--August 14th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Phreaky Deaky--July 28th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Polarity--July 21st, 2001, Columbus, Ohio
Hookers on Ice 2--June 22nd, 2001, Columbus, Ohio
Gravitybass--June, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Relentless--June 2nd, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
DEMF--May 26-28th, 2001, Detroit, Michigan
Gravitybass--May, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fuse--May 13th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Destiny--May 5th, 2001, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Robot Robot--April 28th, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Release--April 13th, 2001, Lexington, Kentucky.
Gravitybass--April, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Shine--March 31st, 2001, Indianapolis, Indiana
Junglodium 2--March 24th, 2001, Cleveland, Ohio
Lift--March 22nd, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lift--March 15th, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gravitybass--March, 2001, Cincinnati, Ohio
Positive 3--March 3rd, 2001, Dayton, Ohio
Earth Inverse--February 16th, 2001, Lexington, KY
Lovebug--February 10th, 2001, Bloomingtion, IN
Omen--February 3rd, 2001, Indianapolis, IN
Higher--February 2nd, 2001, Lexington, KY
Krafty Beats--January 27th, 2001, Yellow Springs, OH
Wishing on a Star--January 20th, 2001, Dayton, OH
Uno--December 31st, 2000, Cincinnati, OH
True (Lift)--December 21st, 2000, Cincinnati, OH
Bass Reaction 2--December 9th, 2000, Dayton, OH
Bangin'--November 4th, 2000, Lexington, KY
Things that Go Bump in the Night--October 28th, 2000, Indianapolis, IN
Beautiful People--September 30th, 2000, Indianapolis, IN

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